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2022 Wedding Registry Guide - Michael Aram

2022 Wedding Registry Guide

Posted by David Lindberg on

It's a new year, and for many, wedding bells are beginning to chime. With them comes the daunting task of planning not only a wedding, but a marriage. Setting up a house and beginning your lives together can be difficult if you're not prepared.

What kind of bed should we buy? Do we really need to register for china? How do I properly register for towels and cookware and other necessities?

Wedding registries are part of the wedding tradition and should be a fun and rewarding experience. The thrill of opening presents on your wedding day can be just as exciting as actually getting married!

That being said, knowing how to go about registering, and knowing what to register for can be a challenge. Between new bedding, home renovation, and new housewares, where do we begin?

Let's take a closer look at some of the finer details in setting up a registry, and some good ideas for what to put on it in 2022!

What is a wedding registry?

A wedding registry is a list of items that you would like to receive as gifts. These items can range from the necessities of a household to just wanting something fun and new.

Often times you will see different departments within "big box" stores that have been sectioned off as wedding registry spaces. There are usually some signs or other indicators on the wall so guests know where to go!

Many houseware and department stores have websites now where you can register as well, and many guests like this option because it's easy and convenient. Even your favorite online brands offer wedding registries!

You can register for anything from small appliances, to bedding and towels, to cooking utensils and dinnerware. A lot of registries incorporate gift cards as well, so your guests have a little more flexibility in choosing the perfect gift.

When should I register for my wedding?

This is a question that will be different for every couple. Depending on the date, setting up a registry can be a bit more challenging, but it doesn't have to be too difficult!

Rather than schedule it around your wedding date per se, consider how much time you would like to give your guests to shop. 

If you want them to have ample time before the big day, consider setting it up 6-8 months in advance. If you're more flexible on when they can go shopping, two or three months out may be enough!

You should also consider your registry goals. Are you hoping for local friends and family to come together to buy things off your registry? Or are you trying to give them the opportunity to shop online, with less hassle? 

If it's the latter, go ahead and list your favorite online retailers!

How many wedding registries should I have?

This is up to each couple!

Some couples enjoy the freedom to set up registries at various different stores, while others like the convenience of setting up a single registry to make shopping easier for guests.

In general, couples will have two to three registries - often categorized by either the store or the product types.

For example, the couple may have one registry at Bed Bath and Beyond (housing linens and towels), and another at Macy's (housewares). Some may also include an Amazon wishlist registry for those who have Prime Shipping or want to buy online if they cannot attend in person.

Ultimately, the goal is to have a registry that makes it easy for guests to find and buy the perfect gift.

Best places for wedding registry:

Now that you know how to get started with setting up a registry, the next step is to find the best places to put it!

There are many options for wedding registries, including both online and in-person stores.

Here are some of our favorites:

The Knot:

The Knot is the most recognized place for online registries. You can easily browse and build your registry on their website, and it's free to create one!


Zola offers registry building, as well as gifts cards and other customizable features.


A true classic in the wedding registry department, Bloomingdales is a staple for couples.


One of the biggest department stores in America, Macy's is a great option for finding dressers, vanities, linens, and more on your registry.

What to put on my wedding registry?

Once you determine a few registry options, you will want to set up your registries with great items for your home.

It can be tough to know what you should put on your wedding registry, especially if you already have many essentials at home! One method is to consider registering for pieces you will want to collect forever - such as serving platters, flatware, and frames:

Cheese/Charcuterie Boards: As newlyweds, you will likely want to host family and friends - so why not have a large cheese board ready for entertaining? (Or just for a fancy night in with one another!)

Flatware:  Make sure to register for stainless steel flatware that will match your existing collections. You can also skip the options with added blades and look for a set that already includes a protective cover to ensure safety during travel!

Dinnerware:  Your new dinnerware set will serve as the foundation of your entertaining. You can add matching serving bowls, platters, and even salt and pepper shakers to complete the look!

Champagne flutes:  You will want to enjoy a glass of champagne with your partner once in a while - and these flutes are sure to add some glamour to the occasion!

Picture Frames:  Picture frames are the perfect way to showcase memories of your engagement, wedding day, honeymoon, and more!

Demitasse Sets:  A demitasse set is a lovely touch for tea time. This item should be added to your registry if you are hosting tea or coffee parties for friends and family.

Serveware & Kitchen Utensils:  A great registry option if you are creating one for the kitchen. This will include items like (but not limited to) pots and pans, cutting boards, glassware, and others.

Serving Bowls:  A set of serving bowls will be very useful for holding snacks at parties.

Bread Boards:  These are multi-functional accessories that will serve as the perfect decoration for your dinner table.

Trivet:  A trivet is a great registry choice if you already have a fireplace. These items can be used to protect surfaces from getting too hot while you decorate with a roaring fire.

Paper Towel Holder: A practical registry item for the kitchen can still add a touch of elegance to any space.

Casseroles Tray: A casserole tray or holder is great for cooking, but can also double as a stylish serving dish.

Pie Dishes: Pie dishes can be used for serving, baking - and even as decorative accessories.

Comforters: Don't forget the bedroom! A cozy comforter will be a dream to sleep under, but can also add comfort to any living space.

Towels: You will need to buy towels for your home, so why not register for them on your registry?

Vases: Start a collection of vases that can be used for flowers or candles.

Barware & Wine Accessories: A bar cart or a wine rack will be a great addition to your kitchen, but can also be used as décor.

While registering for practical things is always a must, don't forget to add items to your registry that you may not be able to afford for yourself right now. Often, family and friends will go in together to buy larger-ticket items that are too expensive for the couple to afford on their own.

Wall Art:  Artwork is a thoughtful gift idea, and can be even more meaningful if purchased with loved ones.

Sculptures:  Similar to wall artwork, sculptures are a great addition to any room and can be a very personal gift that couples will cherish forever.

Bar Cart:  A bar cart is an item that can be used for entertaining, but also doubles up as décor.

Lamps:  Lamps are a great gift idea for newlyweds, and can be found in a wide range of designs.

Technology:  Register for your dream computer, cell phone, television - anything that is technologically superior.

Vacuum Cleaner:  Who doesn't want a brand new vacuum cleaner for their home?

Make Your Big Day Even Better with the Right Registry

A wedding registry is a great way to get the things you need to build a home and help your friends and family get you the items that show their love. Take some time to think about what kind of house you would like, and choose registry items accordingly.

If you want some inspiration for your upcoming nuptials, check out the latest home decor and atelier items from Michael Aram. 

From the latest styles in custom charcuterie boards to unique serving bowls, your house will be filled with beauty and function. You can even find online catalogs designed for couples and family gifts that are perfect for newlyweds.

Head online today to see the full catalog of items, and add some luxury to your wedding registry today!

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