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10 Unique Jewelry Pieces For Your Wedding Day - Michael Aram

10 Unique Jewelry Pieces For Your Wedding Day

Posted by Te'a DiNapoli on

Unique Bridal Jewelry (And One For The Groom) For A Perfect Wedding Day 

When it comes to groom and bridal jewelry, everyone has their taste. Some love the simplicity of a single band of gold around the wrist, whereas others love nothing more than a large focal piece to draw the eye on their big day.

Wondering how to pick your wedding jewelry? Whether you are looking for fine jewelry for yourself, the groom, or the wedding party, We’ve got a few ideas to get you started. 


Opt For A Classic Design 

 There is nothing quite like a classic chain bracelet for a wedding accessory, especially in sterling silver. This dainty Enchanted Forest Chain Bracelet is inspired by the natural world, which is endlessly evolving--the perfect metaphor for your growing love on your big day.


Simple and Elegant 

This two-tone Wisteria Bracelet with Diamonds features entwined wisteria branches designed to represent the intertwining nature of two people in love. How romantic! 


Show-Stopping Bridal Earrings 

We love everything from the Ocean Collection to make a bold statement with jewelry. These grey pearl and white diamond earrings ensure that all eyes are on you as you walk down the aisle. The striking 46mm drop-down earrings would look wonderful with a simple off-the-shoulder dress and slicked-back hair to show them in their best light. 


Monolithic Beauty 

If you’re looking for an alternative to the usual wedding band, this Laurel Ring with Diamonds is something else. The unusual central stones are encapsulated with sterling silver with black rhodium. Just as evergreens are a symbol of eternity, the Laurel jewelry pieces feel youthful, classic, and timeless.


Brooches For Flowers 

Looking for a unique way to incorporate flowers into the grooms or groomsmen attire? Try opting for a luxe brooch with diamonds for elevated attire. These pieces can be offered as part of your wedding party gifting for a personal touch and sophistication. Plus, it will keep the bee's away if you are looking for a spring or summer wedding! 


Nature in Motion 

These beautiful Gooseberry drop pearl earrings were designed to show the lifecycle of the cape gooseberry as its foliage gently rots away as the fruit ripens. Made using 18k gold and white pearl for a subtle shimmer. 


Statement Jewelry for Lasting Impressions

The big day is just as important to the mother of the bride! She might be wearing a few family heirlooms to the wedding, or even handing some to you. However, a great way to honor a parent while also making them feel their best is with a unique statement piece. We love this Orchid Lariat Necklace with Pearls as an option! The intricate details of the orchid flower are expressed in a glittering interplay of metals and precious stones.


A Traditional Church Option 

This 18k Gold Palm Cross Pendant is the perfect accouterment for a church wedding where it would sit nicely against a sweetheart or v-shaped neckline. Made from 18k gold with a delicately wrapped effect that mimics swaying palms.


The Personal Touch 

Adding to the bridal party gifting options, these beautiful pendant necklaces with diamonds offer a personal touch to each gift. It's great to think outside the box and curate a gift for each bridesmaid when asking someone to be a part of your celebrations. Offering a custom piece of everyday jewelry they can cherish for life while also tying your story will definitely bring a smile to their face--and maybe some tears too.  


Boho Wedding Jewelry 

These Vintage Bloom Earrings are inspired by a treasured botanical print owned by the artist which reminded him of his grandmother’s dresses from his childhood. Bounding with boho charm and whimsy, these nostalgic earrings come in clip or post versions, meaning anyone can wear them. Even if it’s not your wedding day!


Unique Wedding Jewelry is All Around 

At Michael Aram, we think jewelry should be enjoyed all year round. So when it comes to your wedding day, be sure to pick pieces that you truly love to showcase your inner and outer beauty to perfection.

If you already have your heirlooms for the day, there are more than your average ways to incorporate jewelry into your celebrations--whether that be for the wedding party or the groom. 

No matter how you choose to include fine jewelry on your wedding day, look no further than Michael Aram for your fine-art inspiration. 

Did you find your favorite? 

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