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30 Best Gifts For Your Loved Ones This Holiday Season - Michael Aram

30 Best Gifts For Your Loved Ones This Holiday Season

Posted by Te'a DiNapoli on

When the temperatures drop, we instinctually start thinking about the holiday season. Although you might not be in rush to let the shopping commence, what better way to tackle the chaos of holiday shopping than with a little gifting inspiration? 

Whether you are looking for the perfect piece for your mom, best friend, significant other, or even yourself, Michael Aram has created your go-to gift guide for the 2022 holiday season. From small treasures to timeless classics, Michael Aram has you covered for all your gifting needs. Here are the 30 best Michael Aram gifts for your loved ones! 



1. Heart Hinge Frame 5x6 

Frame your memories with love! This giftable piece could be for a new mother in your life, or newly-weds, you can even frame older memories with yourself with your parents or grandparents. The Heart Hinge Frame is perfect for capturing beloved moments with someone special in your life.


2. Butterfly Ginkgo Easel Frame

This frame is part of Michael Aram's iconic Butterfly Ginkgo Collection and it truly is an art piece on its own. We guarantee it will bring a smile to anyone's face! The easel frame is angelic and a great gift for a college dorm room or a best friend in your life. 


3. Silver Heart Frame 5x7

The Heart Collection is built around the simple but universal symbol of love, hope, friendship, and caring. If you love the Michael Aram heart hinge frame but are looking for a singular frame, this gift is for you!


4. Silver Animal Frame 5x7

Have a new mom in your life? Or recently blessed with a new family member? The Michael Aram Silver Animal Frame is inspired by the joy and wonderment of children, objects that capture their unique excitement, and our precious memories of them as they experience the world.


 5. Calla Lily Frame 10x8

The Calla Lily Collection is another classic from Michael Aram. The frame is stunning, simple yet striking. Another gift option for a newly-wed couple, or maybe to remember a loved one. 


6. Black Orchid Frame 8x10

 If you are looking for a frame that is bold and full of the most extreme detail, the Black Orchid Frame is for you. Inspired by the powerful sensuality of orchids and the rich ambiance of haute couture, this is for the woman in your life who dares to be bold. 



1. Butterfly Ginkgo Vase

Executed at the highest level of craftsmanship, each Butterfly Ginkgo piece is rendered in solid brass with hand-etched cocoon-shaped vessels. This vase is a great housewarming gift or a new statement piece. 


2. Calla Lily Medium Vase

The Calla Lily Collection is inspired by the beauty of the calla lily flower. The architectural, curving shape of the flower is strong, yet suggests an intense sensuality.


3. Anemone Medium Vase

This collection is inspired by anemone flowers, which in some cultures are said to bring good luck and offer protection. The flowers are associated with peace and the quality of the vase is all in the details! 


4. Palm Medium Glass Vase

For the one in your life who likes to make a statement. This unique vase has sculpted textures that exude comfortable luxury and graciousness. It is also lightweight which makes it perfect for the holiday gifting season. 


5. Black Orchid Medium Vase

The Black Orchid Vase is truly stunning in both color and detail. The collection has an almost gothic feeling – opiated, lush, and smoldering – like the dark, velvety atmosphere of a luxurious evening. 


6. Dandelion Large Vase

One of the newest additions to the Michael Aram collections, Dandelion is striking and can act as the focal point of any room. With intricate details resembling the delicacy of dandelion and festive gold color, it's perfect for the holiday season. 


Small Treasures 

1. Butterfly Ginkgo Nut Dish

Do you know someone in your life that is obsessed with hosting at their at-home bar? Maybe a mom in your life that is always putting snacks on the table? The Butterfly Ginkgo Nut Dish brings simple pleasures to the next level. This is a great gift for someone who loves to make a statement, big or small. 


2. Heart Large Dish

One thing that makes Michael Aram products unique is the hand-crafted details in every product. The Heart Collections motif is interpreted through these ancient techniques as they are hand forged and cut. This piece is versicle and could be used as a catch-all for all the jewelry lovers in your life!


3. Butterfly Ginkgo Bread Basket

We are sure that on almost every table in someone's house you can guarantee to see some type of centerpiece bowl, but not something as breathtaking and comprehensive as this! The pieces in the collection are a tour de force of the handcrafted process, capturing the poetic spirit that is so deeply indicative of Michael's work. 


4. White Orchid Glass Serving Tray

The Michael Aram White Orchid Collection illuminates the ethereal spirit of the orchid flower. While the sculpture is just as exuberant and detailed, in white, these flowers take on a simplicity that is completely unique. There is a sense of lightness and freshness. This piece is a great gift because it can be used for both decor and kitchenware. 


5. Dandelion Centerpiece Bowl

Have a friend that would love the Dandelion Collection but is not as much of a flower person? Look at gifting this beautiful centerpiece bowl! With a gorgeous marble base and delicate golden leaves, it will always be the star of conversation.


6. Heart Double Dish

 Another great gifting moment from the Heart Collection is the Heart Double Dish. The shape of the piece creates instant responses in all of us and carries a world of meaning from both the giver and the recipient.


Holiday Inspired 

1. Heart Ornament Frame 

What is great about the Michael Aram ornaments is that they all come with a stand. This means the piece can act as decor on its own, or you have the option to add it to your tree! Versatile objects make the best gifts for those who like to get a lot of use out of something. 


2. Tree Of Life Tzedakah Box

It is customary to place money in a tzedakah box just prior to Shabbat, holidays, and other special occasions. Keeping a tzedakah box at home facilitates this practice and is a great gift to teach children the value of this mitzvah.


3. Island Santa Snow Globe Ornament

Christmas ornaments hold a special meaning for Michael, along with millions of people across the world. To keep this tradition going in a fun way, the Island Santa Snow Globe Ornament is the perfect gift to make a loved one smile. 


4. Heart Dreidel

This piece is unique because it is hand forged and cut. The lightweight heart dreidel is a great gift for a child you know or a significant other to continue the holiday gaming traditions. 


5. Santa Moon Plate

Besides tracking Santa's radar with your cousins, setting out some cookies and carrots for your annual guests might be the most exciting thing about Christmas Eve. Bring the fun to the next level with a cute plate to keep treats on!


5. Twist Menorah

The Twist Menorah is inspired by the idea that the whole can be far greater than the sum of its parts. When elements are combined, they take on another feeling, greatness. This could be the perfect gift for a new couple in your life who might be celebrating their first Hanukkah as a family. 


Charcuterie Boards 

1. White Orchid Cheese Board w/ Knife

Looking to add to your White Orchid Collection? Maybe have a family member who loves orchid flowers? Indulge in the finer things in life with a cheese board! This piece also comes with a spreading knife, which is just as detailed and beautiful. 


2. Calla Lily Cheese Board w/ Knife

The Calla Lily Collection is stunning and holds a lot of meaning within each motif. The flower is associated with weddings as is symbolic of purity and innocence, making it a great option for a couple or even an anniversary around the holidays!


3. Butterfly Ginkgo Small Cheese Board w/ Knife

If you have been a fan of Michael's work for some time, you will know that Butterfly Ginkgo is one of his most well-known collections. This cheese board could be an option for someone who wants to add to their collection or might be new to the brand.


4. Love Knot Cheese Board w/ Spreader

Beautiful and timeless, the Love Knot Cheese Board offers a sleek marble base adorned with intertwining golden knots. The perfect statement for a beautiful charcuterie board.


5. Black Orchid Cheese Board w/ Knife

Looking for a sleeker option for gifting? Black Orchid Collection is strikingly simple yet full of the most extreme detail. The dark atmosphere of the orchids against the hammered metal makes this board a completely unique present. 


6. Anemone Large Cheese Board w/ Knife


This collection is inspired by anemone flowers, which in some cultures are said to bring good luck and offer protection. The flowers are associated with purity, and peace, and offer an artistic touch to any charcuterie board. 


Looking for more options for your holiday shopping? Look no further than Michael Aram! From lush candles to barware and beyond, find all your home decor and luxury goods needs at You can also find more gift guides on our blog.

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