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5 Easy Steps to Organize Your Kitchen Counter Or Pantry - Michael Aram

5 Easy Steps to Organize Your Kitchen Counter Or Pantry

Posted by Te'a DiNapoli on

Kitchen Organization Has Never Been So Simple

Whether you’ve got a large kitchen or a small one, the backbone of its design should always be centered around kitchen organization. With a well-stocked, well-organized pantry not only does your space look more elegant and streamlined, but with careful planning, can help you run your kitchen more efficiently, saving time when preparing and cooking food.

So how do we organize our kitchen to maximize efficiency? Read on, and we’ll give you 5 easy steps to harmonize your kitchen space without breaking the bank.


Define Areas of Your Kitchen

 Your kitchen is a multi-purpose space. While the most obvious use of the kitchen is preparing and cooking food, consideration should also be made for the other tasks you complete such as food storage, a place to store your pots, pans, and crockery, and cleaning up after food prep, and of course, entertaining.

By defining the areas of your kitchen into zones for each task, you make using it much easier. If you’re lucky enough to have a pantry, you’ve got a head start on creating a dried and canned food storage area.

If not, a dedicated cabinet on your countertops can work wonders for your kitchen organization. If space is tight, one for canned storage and spices, one for chopping boards, and one for cookbooks will help remove clutter.


Place Commonly Used Items On Kitchen Wall Shelves

If countertop space is at a premium, don’t despair. Utilize your kitchen walls as a home for useful storage space by installing kitchen wall shelves to house commonly used cooking ingredients or spices. By adding vertical storage you can enhance your kitchen organization while ensuring that your surfaces stay free of clutter.


If you’re looking for an attractive storage solution, HomeBNC has a number of open-shelf ideas to impress and inspire you. Items left on the shelf are also more likely to be used up before they expire, saving money and reducing waste in the long term. 


Add Food Storage Labels To Kitchen Storage Baskets

Don’t let all of your hard work go to waste! Once you’ve organized your kitchen storage canisters  be sure to label them with their contents – and if necessary – their sell-by-date to ensure that dry produce is rotated on a regular basis.

There are a few different food storage label types on the market, from clear-backed ones that blend seamlessly with any surface to chalkboard labels that can be wiped clean and reused as you change your storage basket contents.

Use Cabinet Knobs and Pulls to Accentuate Your Kitchen Storage

Changing your cabinet knobs and pulls can breathe new life into a tired kitchen, but how about using them for organizational purposes, too? By mixing cabinet knobs and pulls on kitchen cabinets you can create your own organizational system with each cabinet housing a different type of produce.

Michael Aram stocks a range of gold and silver-toned cabinet pulls in a range of shapes and sizes, including this striking mushroom kitchen knob which would be the perfect opener for a fresh produce cabinet.

One Last Thing…

It would be remiss of us to leave you without a little bit of advice we’ve gleaned over the years of operating Michael Aram. For us, a vital part of keeping on top of kitchen organization is keeping clutter to a minimum by using multi-purpose items throughout your home. With a stunning range of breadboards that can double up as breakfast trays, bar carts that can be used in the dining room, kitchen, lounge, or outside, and even elegant snack dishes that would be perfect for entertaining or a movie night, Michael Aram has a range of products to help streamline your home without compromising on quality.


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