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Easy Bathroom Ideas To Elevate Your Decor For Fall

Posted by Te'a DiNapoli on

As Summer comes to an end, most of us are looking for ways to freshen up our space for the upcoming Fall season. While most stick to redecorating their kitchen, living room, and bedrooms, bath and vanity has becoming a trending design topic in 2022. More than ever, interior lovers are looking for ways to elevate their bathroom spaces to feel more luxe and inviting. 

Being one of the most expensive rooms in a house to renovate, we have some easy and fun ways to make your bathroom look expensive without breaking the bank. Here are our favorite affordable decorating ideas for elevating your bath and vanity space for the Fall. 


Canisters For Storage 

No more straw baskets to hold your bathroom essentials. Take your organization to the next level with sleek and feminine canisters! Whether your filling them with cotton balls or your favorite bath bombs, canisters are a great way to maximize your vanity space. 


Display Your Products In Style

Haircare, skincare, makeup, the list goes on. Your bathroom is the one place that usually stores all your beauty products. But digging through many drawers that are deep and over cluttered can be a waste time, and not visually appealing. An elegant vanity tray can hold your go-to products for day and night for easy access and a beautiful display. 


Say Goodbye To Boring Disposables 

Nothing is more unappealing, and can make a room look less elevated, than a cardboard tissue box or dirty plastic waste baskets. Cleanliness is key to making a bath and vanity space inviting. It's time to upgrade your decor with sleek and classic disposable holders, like a stainless steel waste basket or tissue box holder. 


Make Hygiene Products Fun

Yes, we all know we need to bush our teeth daily and wash our hands after using the restroom. These tasks that are ingrained into us to stay healthy might not seem like a chore as an adult, but for those who have children or can remember the days of our parents telling us "did you remember to wash your hands and brush your teeth?" you know that making a hygiene routine fun is essential. This starts with striking decor for soap and brush holders



Renovate Your Bathroom With The Anemone Collection

This Fall, take your decor staples to the next level with new Michael Aram Anemone extensions for bath and vanity. Experience the ornate details of the anemone flower and intricate hand-craft designs that run deep in Michaels work,  now available online and in a flagship store near you. 

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