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Father's Day Gift Guide 2023: 15 Michael Aram Designs Dad Will Love - Michael Aram

Father's Day Gift Guide 2023: 15 Michael Aram Designs Dad Will Love

Posted by Te'a DiNapoli on

Father's Day  2023 is just around the corner and if you're looking for the perfect gift for your dad, look no further than Michael Aram.

Whether you are buying for your father, a father-to-be, or just a remarkable man in your life, this guide will give you some great ideas for the upcoming holiday.

Inspired by the world around him, Michael Aram's collections are full of beautiful and unique pieces that your dad is sure to love. From the classic Old World Collection to the more modern Black Orchid Collection, there is something for all design tastes.

Let's break down the best Michael Aram products for Father's Day!


15 Father’s Day Gifts Perfect for Every Dad


1. Ripple Effect Highball (Set of 4)

Give dad the gift of style with these sleek and modern highball glasses. Inspired by the ripples that form when water droplets hit the surface, these glasses are sure to make a statement.

Highball glasses are unique because they are taller and narrower than your average glass, making them perfect for enjoying his favorite spirit on the rocks.

Shop Now: Ripple Effect Highball (Set of Four)

2. Black Orchid Demitasse Set with Stand

Bring a taste of the old world to your dad's home with this stunning demitasse set. These cups can be used for coffee or espresso and are perfect for those who enjoy a strong cup of joe.

The black orchid design is inspired by 18th-century French porcelain and will add a touch of elegance to any coffee break.This set includes four cups, saucers, and a matching stand, so your dad can enjoy his espresso in style.

Shop Now: Black Orchid Demitasse Set with Stand

3. Safari Coaster Set

Take dad to the natural world of Michael Aram with this coaster set.

The beauty and mystery of Africa inspire this collection, and each piece is handmade by artisans using traditional techniques. According to Michael, safaris are the ultimate way to see the Hand of God at work - from the power of majestic beasts to the delicate balance of the ecosystem.

This set includes four coasters, each with a different design, so your dad can enjoy a little piece of safari in his own home.

Shop Now: Safari Coaster Set


4. Black Orchid Vodka Service

Is dad a bit of a connoisseur? Then he'll love this Black Orchid Vodka Service.

Let him showcase his favorite vodka and entertain in style with this beautifully detailed piece. This set of six glasses and the ornate Black Orchid-style bucket are inspired by the luxurious lifestyle of those who like to entertain.

Shop Now: Black Orchid Vodka Service

5. Butterfly Ginkgo Glass Nut Dish w/ Spoon

If your father or a father you know has a wet bar (or just enjoys a good drink), this Butterfly Ginkgo Glass Nut Dish with Spoon is a must-have.

This dish is perfect for holding finger snacks like olives, nut assortments, and comes with a matching spoon.

Not only does this glass nut dish look great, but it is also multi-functional for the dads who like to get lots of use out of a gift.

Shop Now: Butterfly Ginkgo Glass Nut Dish w/ Spoon

6. Ocean Reef Oyster Jewel Nut Dish

Sticking with products that complete your dad's wet bar, the Ocean Reef Oyster Jewel Nut Dish is another excellent option.

This dish is both eye-catching and functional. What dad doesn't like great artisan craftsmanship to show off to his pals?!

This dish can be used even as a catch-all for keys and loose change. It's perfect for any dad who loves the ocean and the occasional cocktail.

Shop Now: Ocean Reef Oyster Jewel Nut Dish

7. Black Orchid Wine Rest

Is dad more of a wine connoisseur? Then he'll love this Black Orchid Wine Rest.

This rest is an artisan piece that showcases dads most eclectic bottles in his collections. The design is both elegant and elevated, and it's sure to make a statement in any home.

Shop Now: Black Orchid Wine Rest

8. Monet’s Garden Wine Coaster & Stopper Set

Once dad's popped open his favorite vintage, he'll need a place to put his wine glass. This Monet's Garden Wine Coaster & Stopper Set is the perfect solution.

Claude Monet's famous painting inspires this coaster set, and it includes four coasters and a bottle stopper.

Shop Now: Monet's Garden Wine Coaster & Stopper Set

9. Rock Martini Glass

Add to dad's barware collection this year with a timeless Rock Martini Glass.

The design of the Rock Martini glass is inspired by Rock and Roll Glam, Cubism, and Art Deco - paying homage to the iconic era of the 1970s. The feel is great in hand and gives both a fashionable homage to a bygone era and modern elegance.

Shop Now: Rock Martini Glass

10. Handcrafted Chess Set

This luxe hand-craft chess set is a specialty of Michael Aram's collection - offering a timeless classic with a modern twist.

The set includes a board and 32 pieces, all handcrafted by skilled artisans. The design is not only functional but makes a perfect artistic addition to a study, office, or living room.

Shop Now: Handcrafted Chess Set


11. Luxury Backgammon Set

A game made famous by the royals, backgammon is a family game that your father is sure to love to share with family.

This luxury backgammon set from Michael Aram includes a board and 30 hand-carved pieces. The set combines rich velvet, nickleplate metal, and suede - making it a luxurious addition to any home.

Shop Now: Luxury Backgammon Set

12. Plume Tray Nickelplate

This Plume Tray from Michael Aram is the perfect addition to any dad's office or study. The pulchritude of the peacock is often taken as a symbol of renewal, immortality, or the all-seeing omniscience of God.

Whether he uses it to organize his desk or to display photos and mementos, this is one of the many unique pieces from Michael Aram that truly show the intricate details of artesian work and inspiration within the natural world.

Shop Now: Plume Tray Nickelplate

13. Sunflower Trinket Tray

Dads are known to collect various small things - rings, coins, bits of string. There's always a reason to hang onto something, so gifting a home for these trinkets only seems right. 

This Sunflower Trinket Tray tray is crafted from black marble and features a beautiful sunflower design around the edges. It's perfect for organizing dad's desk or side table, and he's sure to appreciate the craftsmanship and small details throughout the piece.

Shop Now: Sunflower Trinket Tray

14. Enchanted Forest Coffee Table Oxidized

Oxidized wood offers a unique look that's perfect for your rustic, nature-loving dads. This Enchanted Forest Coffee Table from Michael Aram is crafted from oxidized wood and features a beautiful forest scene.

The table is stylish and it's sure to make a statement in any home dads man cave. 

Shop Now: Enchanted Forest Coffee Table Oxidized


15. Palm Frame

What's a better Father's Day gift than a picture of his favorite people? This Palm Frame is the perfect way to display a special family memory.

Inspired by the beauty of perfectly imperfect shapes of woven palm leaves, the intricate sculpted textures on the frame exude comfortable luxury and graciousness.

The frame can be used horizontal or vertical, making it a versatile addition to any home.

Shop Now: Ivy & Oak Frame

Find More Great Gifts at Michael Aram

Nothing says "I love you, Dad" like a gift that celebrates his interests and hobbies. With plenty of collections to choose from, a Michael Aram piece has gifts for every dad with one mission: Capturing or creating a story that can be shared with others for generations through hand-craft design.


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