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Holiday Inspiration: Best Tabletop Decor For Rosh Hashanah - Michael Aram

Holiday Inspiration: Best Tabletop Decor For Rosh Hashanah

Posted by Te'a DiNapoli on

With the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, around the corner, we wanted to show you how fun and easy it can be to recreate a minimalistic chic tabletop design for your festivities. From decor that plays into festive foods to flatware that plays off holiday color schemes, here is the list of the best Michael Aram products to bring in the New Year. 

Hammertone Charger

When you think about honey, you can imagine that beautiful, rich, gold color right away. Honey symbolizes the sweetness of life and captures the hopes for the new year. Adding color schemes that play off of symbolic foods is a great way to make the celebrations more modern.

Pomegranate Bread Knife

Some hosts for Rosh Hashanah like to tear their challah bread, while others prefer to cut it with a bread knife. This really depends on the tradition of your family or community. If you follow the common custom of slicing the bread, a pomegranate knife is a great way to play into the significance of the fruit during the holiday. 


Wisteria Gold Bread Board 

This breadboard is simply gorgeous, and the Wisteria Collection was created as a motif of twisted and curing vines that symbolize love and togetherness. Since Rosh Hashanah is always celebrated with friends and family, this board would be a perfect addition to your festivities. 


Apple Honey Pot w/ Spoon Goldtone

One of the most pervasive customs around Rosh Hashanah is eating apples with honey. Now we are no professional party planners but, if we were setting up your tablescapes, we would include multiple apple honey pots in the middle of the table for each person sitting across from each other to enjoy. A great way to honor a tradition in a more modern way! 


Jewish tradition teaches that the pomegranate is a symbol of righteousness, knowledge, and wisdom because it is said to have 613 seeds, each representing one of the 613 mitzvot of the Torah. This kiddush is a beautiful way to tribute that during prayer. 

Playing into the gold tones again, this 5-piece flatware set is strikingly beautiful. If are looking to add a pop of gold to your tabletop without going to the decor route, this is a great tabletop option. The minimalistic design is also perfect if you aren't wanting to be so literal with your designs.
Whether you prefer going more literal with your tabletop decor or keeping it minimal, Michael Aram has a wide range of designs that will honor your holiday traditions. From classic pieces from the Pomegranate Collection to the Wisteria Collection, or Judaica, look no further than Michael Aram for all your Holiday needs! 
Holiday Inspiration

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