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How to Decorate A Large Kitchen Island - Michael Aram

How to Decorate A Large Kitchen Island

Posted by Te'a DiNapoli on

Kitchen islands are practical, but when underdressed, can look obtrusive in an otherwise organized home. By carefully selecting unique decor items for your kitchen island, you can help forge a united kitchen design and add a touch of style to your cooking area.  


Add Coastal Charm with Candles and Banish Smells 

Coastal charm is always chic, and who says you can’t add it to the kitchen? For us, a cluster of Ocean Reef Candles adds sophistication to an otherwise unloved large kitchen island. These silver, glass, and soy candles are designed to catch the light, making for a romantic addition to your evening kitchen decor. Whereas its comforting notes of verbena, clover, vetiver, and orange orchard will eliminate cooking smells in a flash. 

 Learn more about how you can clean and reuse your candle jars for storage here!

Create an Organized Homework Space 

 When it comes to the surface of the kitchen island, added storage is always a plus. store your corral kids’ homework books, drawing materials, and home projects into your kitchen island drawers using decorative knobs and pulls to indicate which spaces are for them—and which are off-bounds! Give your children a tidy space to place their pens and pencils with our Keepsake Safari Box for an elegant solution to everyday life.    


Make a Makeshift Kitchen Bar Area 

A large plain surface such as a kitchen island is the perfect spot to set up a kitchen bar area. For cocktail fans, our Ivy and Oak Shaker will allow you to make after-dinner drinks in style. Discerning wine drinkers will be delighted to see our stunning range of glassware, including these gorgeous Rock Glasses that come in a choice of sizes. Be sure not to come unraveled with our Love Knot wine coaster and stopper set. The ideal pair of accouterments if you can’t finish the whole bottle.  


Bring the Outside In with a Large Floral Display 

When it comes to flowers, we love to think big with large blooms in vibrant yellows, oranges, and fiery reds to set our pulses racing. For big blooms, you’ll need a big vase; and our Large Shagreen Vase is just the ticket. Made by incorporating a stainless steel body with a highly polished brass rim, this speckled, pebbled beauty is designed to emulate sought-after stingray leather. Toss some ranunculus, zinnias, or sunflowers in this beauty and watch them light up your decor with minimal effort.  


Flowers, Candles, and Other Natural Elements 

The current trend for outdoor-inspired interiors is going nowhere, so if it appeals, embrace it where you can. Large spaces can accept dominant colors and patterns, such as vibrant red and orange flowers, as well as a collection of smaller, shimmering objects of virtue such as our Ocean Reef candle. 

The most important thing for us at Michael Aram is to be a leader, not a follower. Never go for a trend if it’s not your thing. Instead, choose pieces that bring you joy and make your home a space you’re proud of. 


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