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Michael Aram Unveils New Public Sculpture - Michael Aram

Michael Aram Unveils New Public Sculpture

Posted by Michael Aram on

New York, NY, OCTOBER 2019—The Armenian-American artist, renowned for his unique, nature-inspired sculptures, is pleased to announce he will unveil his latest piece during the Grand Opening ceremony of the National Association for Armenian Studies and Research’s new World Headquarters, on Friday November 1st   2019.  

This site-specific sculpture is a gift from the artist to commemorate the opening of NAASR’s new, state-of-the-art global headquarters in Belmont, MA. The sculpture is the artist’s interpretation of the traditional Armenian symbol of eternity, or “Arevakhatch” (translated as “sun cross”).

“I was inspired to create a piece inspired by the idea of “ETERNITY” with the hope that our ancient culture survives and propagates for time and all eternity. This hope is mirrored in NAASR’s mission to preserve and enrich Armenian culture and heritage through it’s rare book library. Many of the motifs in the sculpture, and even it’s square format, reference illustrated manuscripts from NASSR’s collection. My choice of leaves, flowers, vines, and peacocks was as rooted in my own visual vocabulary and love of nature, as it was by traditional representations of nature in classical Armenian art and architecture. I am very inspired by symbolism, and each of the motifs has deep personal meaning for me as well as profound cultural resonance for us as Armenians. We come from such a rich cultural heritage that it is impossible for me as an artist not to be influenced by Armenian symbolism and artistic traditions. I feel a personal debt to encourage and support NAASR’s mission so that our artistic and cultural heritage survives for future generations of artists and scholars to draw from.”


Michael Aram creates beautiful and distinctive objects for the home. After taking what would later be a life-altering trip to India in 1989 where he discovered rich metalworking traditions, Aram turned his artistic vision towards craft-based design, setting up a home and workshop in New Delhi. Although he is most recognized for his signature metal gift and tabletop offerings, he also designs large-scale sculptures, furniture, lighting, home fragrance, textiles, porcelain and fine jewelry. Aram splits his time between his workshop in India and his New York City studio. Aram’s work is sold in over 60 countries, his LA and NYC flagship stores as well as department stores and specialty retailers.


For more information about Michael Aram or advanced images of his latest sculptural piece, please contact or visit

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