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Ultimate Friendsgiving Tips - Michael Aram

Ultimate Friendsgiving Tips

Posted by Te'a DiNapoli on

Your Guide to the Season’s Newest Dinner  

Friendsgiving has not been with us for a long time (the first use of it as a word online was 2007) but its spread and success are clear to see. It speaks to the American love of bringing people together over good food and good drink, gathering the family you have collected a weekend or two before dinner with the family that you inherited.    

But, as with all new things, it can take some navigating. Here are our finest Friendsgiving ideas for elevated entertainment.   


Give it the Time it Deserves 

This is a collective effort, and for any big day at work, it should feel like a big day. As a host, this is your time to shine and lock down Friendsgiving as your hosting day in the future. Make sure you bring out the nice glassware, your favorite dinnerware set, and place settings for your guests. It’s these little touches that will help elevate any occasion. Need some inspiration for completing the perfect tablescape? Find our latest tips for hosting here.


Delegate Wisely  

The host will always feel that degree of responsibility, but this is a day for everyone. Because of transport logistics, it makes sense for the host to take care of the main meat, but who is doing the dessert? Make it fun by having a guest pick 1 specialty entree. Generally, all drinkers should bring a bottle of wine to the table. Nonetheless, make sure to properly assign foods for the best Friendsgiving outcome.


Vary the Veggies 

If you are hosting a larger group of friends, let people experiment with their sides! There should always be some kind of potatoes, but variety is the name of the game in a large meal. Balance textures: something creamy, something crisp and roasted, some bright, fresh greens.  

There is strength in numbers, and guests and hosts alike should feel comfortable with experimentation. This is also a great opportunity to tailor the meal to any different allergies, and vegan or vegetarian options. Remember, presentation is key! Make sure you show off your creations in an elevated dish to win the 'best side' competition.     


Flower Power  

Flowers a the perfect way to make an event more personal and intimate. If you are hosting, add your favorite flowers to a vase as a centerpiece to any table display, or to your tablescape for a classic touch--We recommend playing with different textured flowers and colors. 

Another fun way to incorporate flowers into your gathering in a more modern way is with cake decorating! Yes, they are edible. If you the friend in charge of the desserts, add this to your creations to win brownie points!  


Don’t Be Offended, Don’t Critique  

It is hard to get lost in a friendly competition for the best foods, but remember to enjoy each other's company and laugh. Friendsgiving is about spending quality time with the ones you care about and giving thanks for your growing friendship.    

More than anything, see this as an opportunity for experimenting, for trying a few new things with a few old friends. A new holiday requires new traditions and new modes of enjoyment. Pour yourself a drink of choice and enjoy!   


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