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Michael Aram Palm Centerpiece Shallow Bowl
Michael Aram Calla Lily Candleholder
Calla Lily Candleholder
Sale price$235.00
ExclusiveNew Arrival
Michael Aram Forget Me Not Vase
Forget Me Not Vase
Sale priceFrom $310.00
New Arrival
Michael Aram Glass Pumpkin Large
Glass Pumpkin Large
Sale price$185.00
Michael Aram Anemone Vase
Anemone Vase
Sale priceFrom $160.00
Michael Aram Twist Candleholders
Twist Candleholders
Sale price$265.00
New Arrival
Michael Aram Plume Tray Gold
Plume Tray Gold
Sale price$105.00
New Arrival
Michael Aram Pomegranate Candleholders
Pomegranate Candleholders
Sale price$290.00
Michael Aram Calla Lily Stem Bowl
Calla Lily Stem Bowl
Sale priceFrom $310.00
Michael Aram Pomegranate Candelabra
Pomegranate Candelabra
Sale price$395.00
New Arrival
Michael Aram Golden Ginkgo Vertical Napkin Holder
New Arrival
Michael Aram Gooseberry Frame
Gooseberry Frame
Sale price$135.00
Michael Aram Monet’s Garden - Golden Sunset Vase
Monet’s Garden Vase
Sale price$475.00
Michael Aram Black Iris Rose Bowl Vase
Black Iris Rose Bowl Vase
Sale price$370.00
Michael Aram Butterfly Ginkgo Marble Candle
Butterfly Ginkgo Marble Candle
Sale priceFrom $185.00
Michael Aram Botanical Leaf Gold Candleholders
Michael Aram Tree of Life Candleholders
Tree of Life Candleholders
Sale price$185.00
Anemone Centerpiece Bowl
Anemone Centerpiece Bowl
Sale price$445.00
Michael Aram Molten Candleholders
Molten Candleholders
Sale price$185.00
New Arrival
Michael Aram Dog Bone Canister
Dog Bone Canister
Sale price$175.00
Michael Aram Bark Vase
Bark Vase
Sale priceFrom $125.00
Michael Aram Butterfly Ginkgo Centerpiece Vase
Michael Aram Sunflower Medium Vase
Sunflower Medium Vase
Sale price$290.00
Michael Aram Winter Leaves Magnolia Dish
Winter Leaves Magnolia Dish
Sale price$185.00
Michael Aram Monet’s Garden - Golden Sunset Medium Candleholders
Monet’s Garden Candleholders
Sale priceFrom $575.00
Michael Aram Cherry Blossom Large Marble Candle
Cherry Blossom Marble Candle
Sale priceFrom $185.00
Michael Aram Dogwood Vase Large
Dogwood Vase Large
Sale price$370.00
Michael Aram Pomegranate Centerpiece Bowl
Pomegranate Centerpiece Bowl
Sale price$500.00
Michael Aram Ivy & Oak Centerpiece Vase
Ivy & Oak Centerpiece Vase
Sale price$575.00
Sold out
Michael Aram Vine Candleholders
Vine Candleholders
Sale price$725.00
Michael Aram Forget Me Not Large Decorative Bowl
Michael Aram Botanical Leaf Candle
Botanical Leaf Candle
Sale price$75.00
Michael Aram Plume Cake Stand
Plume Cake Stand
Sale price$290.00
Michael Aram Sunflower Large Vase
Sunflower Large Vase
Sale price$395.00
Michael Aram Wisteria Gold Candleholders
Wisteria Gold Candleholders
Sale price$370.00
Michael Aram Botanical Leaf Candleholders
Botanical Leaf Candleholders
Sale price$210.00
New Arrival
Michael Aram Safari Frame
Safari Frame
Sale priceFrom $130.00
Michael Aram Black Orchid Large Marble Candle
Black Orchid Marble Candle
Sale priceFrom $185.00
Sold out
Michael Aram Palm Candleholders
Palm Candleholders
Sale price$1,150.00
Michael Aram Chinese Zodiac Tiger Box
Chinese Zodiac Tiger Box
Sale price$105.00
New Arrival
Michael Aram Heart Frame 5x7
Heart Frame 5x7
Sale price$125.00
Michael Aram Autumn Leaf Centerpiece
Autumn Leaf Centerpiece
Sale price$1,350.00
New Arrival
Michael Aram Butterfly Ginkgo Large Vase
Butterfly Ginkgo Large Vase
Sale price$325.00
New Arrival
Michael Aram Plume Tray Nickelplate
Plume Tray Nickelplate
Sale price$105.00
Michael Aram Black Orchid Centerpiece Vase
Black Orchid Centerpiece Vase
Sale price$1,000.00
Michael Aram Twist Candleholders - Gold
Twist Candleholders - Gold
Sale price$290.00
Michael Aram Palm Large Candleholder
Palm Large Candleholder
Sale price$625.00
New Arrival
Michael Aram Olive Branch Cocktail Napkin Holder
Michael Aram Rainforest Candle
Rainforest Candle
Sale price$75.00
ExclusiveNew Arrival
Michael Aram Forget Me Not 8x10 Easel Frame
Michael Aram

Michael Aram, The Artist

"My work combines the imperfections innate in the handmade process with the perfectly imperfect beauty of nature to create objects that reflect humanity."