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Thorn Collection


The Thorn Collection is inspired by the stem of a rose. Strikingly elegant, but treacherous to the touch, a rose thorn is symbolic of both passion and protection. As the pernicious thorns protect the delicate beauty of the bloom, we are reminded that everything beautiful, however determined, needs safeguarding.



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Michael Aram Thorn Luxe Nut DishThorn Luxe Nut Dish
Thorn Luxe Nut Dish
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Michael Aram Thorn Luxe 10" VaseThorn Luxe 10" Vase
Thorn Luxe 10" Vase
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Michael Aram Thorn Nut DishThorn Nut Dish
Thorn Nut Dish
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Michael Aram Thorn 10" VaseMichael Aram Thorn 10" Vase
Thorn 10" Vase
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Michael Aram Thorn Compote DishThorn Compote Dish
Thorn Compote Dish
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Michael Aram Thorn Gold Candleholders
Thorn Gold Candleholders
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Michael Aram Thorn Gold Bud VaseThorn Gold Bud Vase
Thorn Gold Bud Vase
Sale price$175.00
Michael Aram Thorn Table LampMichael Aram Thorn Table Lamp
Thorn Table Lamp
Sale price$850.00
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Thorn Floor LampMichael Aram Thorn Floor Lamp
Thorn Floor Lamp
Sale price$1,900.00
Michael Aram Thorn Accent TableMichael Aram Thorn Accent Table
Thorn Accent Table
Sale price$2,100.00
Michael Aram

Michael Aram, The Artist

"My work combines the imperfections innatein the handmade process with the perfectlyimperfect beauty of nature to create objectsthat reflect humanity."