30th Anniversary

2019 marked the 30th anniversary of Michael Aram’s founding. To commemorate this important milestone, Michael is pleased to share his life’s work and personal journey.

Dear Friends,

This year is a milestone as it marks 30 years since I took what would become a life-altering journey. It was a trip which would impact me both personally and creatively.

In 1989, I left the life I knew as a young artist living in New York City and packed my bags for India to set up a second home and workshop. There I discovered traditional metalworkers forging everyday objects in the most extraordinary way. Humbled by their talents, I observed their processes and techniques and began to work alongside them. My thought was to create functional objects with decorative and artistic design.

I was drawn to working in metal since I loved the ability to forever capture spontaneous gestures through the casting process. For me, there is energy and nobility to sculpting and casting metal, a feeling only achieved when making things by hand. To this day, I remain in awe of the skill and dignified humility with which these craftsmen approach their work. The pieces we make together reflect that energy and collaboration between artist and artisan.

To mark this important milestone, I am happy to reintroduce archival pieces ‘Cat & Mouse Cheese Board’ and ‘Dove Canisters’. These pieces mark pivotal and memorable moments that defined me as an artist and the company as a brand. My inspiration comes from within, but nature, in both realistic and more interpretive forms, is my biggest muse.

I hope you enjoy these pieces as much as I have enjoyed making them.