Michael Aram Prometheus
Michael Aram Prometheus
Michael Aram Prometheus
Michael Aram Prometheus
Michael Aram Prometheus


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Michael Aram has been fascinated with classical myths and heroes since he was a child and has used it as a resource for his work for many years. Prometheus is characterized as a protector and benefactor. He is the God of forethought and considered the champion of all mankind, bringing fire down from Mt. Olympus and teaching humans how to keep it alive. He is symbolic of striving towards knowledge and helping others.

"Now that I am a father, I love reliving my love of mythology with my children as we go through museums or watch Disney movies together."

Michael Aram's limited edition sculptures are handmade artistic explorations inspired by objects and ideas which capture Michael's imagination. The sculptures are limited to 136 editions each and are individually crafted so that no two pieces are ever exactly alike.


  • Limited Edition of 136
  • 9.75"L x 4.5"W x 21.25"H
  • Base 9.25"L x 4"W x 5.75"H
  • Patinated Brass
  • Granite
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