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20 Thoughtful Mother's Day Gifts That Every Mom Will Love - Michael Aram

20 Thoughtful Mother's Day Gifts That Every Mom Will Love

Posted by Te'a DiNapoli on

Mother’s Day is coming up and with that comes gift shopping. Finding the perfect gift that also holds sentimental value can be hard, and we know that whatever led you to this article means finding the best Mother's Day gift is nonnegotiable. That is why we decided to create a gift list with items for every type of mom: the baker, the home-chef, the pantry organizers, the design enthusiast, and of course the luxury accessory lover. Yes, we are talking luxe jewelry, new casserole dishes, décor, and colorful home furnishings. Do not fret, we also included gifts under $150! Welcome to, 20 thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts for every type of mom.  


1) Safari Candle Holders  

The Safari Collection draws from untamed expeditions to the natural world. In this collection, colors, unexpected textures, and fabrics create a rustic luxury that retains a modern feel. These candle holders are for moms who love to be bold with design.  


2) Dogwood Tic Tac Toe  

The Flights of Fancy Collection is a series of unique objects that celebrate whimsy in daily life. Whether seen individually or among other pieces, they evoke a sense of charm and fantasy. Who doesn't want a gorgeous centerpiece that brings the family together over a traditional game?  


3) Wisteria Gold Square Plate  

The Wisteria Gold collection is inspired by the beauty of twisted and curving vines. Michael favorites vines and sees them as a symbol of love and togetherness. As they grow, they loop together and separate, accommodating and allowing for whatever falls in their path. This gift is ideal for moms who love to entertain.  


4) Calla Lila Stem Bowl  

The Calla Lily Collection is inspired by the beauty of the calla lily flower. The architectural, curving shape of the flower is strong, yet suggests an intense sensuality. Perfectly fitting for a mother and a beautiful accessory for any kitchen or dining room table.


5) Ripple Effect Water Glass 

For the moms who like to indulge in style, The Ripple Effect Water Glasses are go-to gifts because of their versatility. Inspired by the cause and effect of the natural world, the Ripple Effect Collection celebrates the rhythm of nature. Handmade and modern in design, the pieces are perfect for everyday and bring a sense of calm and luxury into the home. 


6) Ocean Reef Oyster Shell Jewel Bowl  

The Ocean Reef Collection is inspired by the bounty and beauty found on the ocean floor. The ocean is symbolic of freedom and limitlessness, and coral represents renewal and strength. This unique gift is for the ‘coastal grandmothers’ or moms who are deeply connected to the sea.  


7) Hydrangea Large Vase 

Michael has always been drawn to flowers and has a love for them, similarly to many mothers. Each spring and summer, Michael eagerly anticipates the greening of these plants and the subsequent explosion of their colorful blooms. Perennially beautiful, the flowers are symbolic of abundance and gratitude. 


8) Orchid Necklace with Diamonds  

A newer arrival to the Michael Aram Jewelry, this gorgeous Orchid necklace is lush and classic. One of Aram's most well-known motifs, in jewelry form the orchid takes on a fresh elegance. The intricate details of the orchid flower are expressed in a glittering interplay of metals and precious stones. 


9) Safari Box  

“On a Safari, there are patterns and motifs that you do not see anywhere else on Earth, and that inspires the pieces in this collection” -Michael. For the eccentric-driven moms, this Safari Box is the perfect keepsake for jewelry lovers.  


10) Butterfly Ginkgo Vanity Mirror  

The Butterfly Ginkgo Collection celebrates the representation of flora as fauna. Michael's fascination with a particular type of ginkgo tree, the Ginkgo Biloba, or "Butterfly Ginkgo", which grows with a double leaf reminiscent of a butterfly's wings, gave rise to a fantasia image of the plant. This eye-catching piece is great for all beauty or skincare lovers.


11) Claw Ottoman 

Part of the Flights of Fancy collection, this unique claw ottoman is a fun design piece that will always provoke conversation. For the moms who love a good pop of color in their home, this piece draws profoundly from Michael's background as a sculptor, emerges from hand-sculpted clay and offers a child-like quality with an inherent sense of meaning.  


12) Sunflower mirror  

The Sunflower Collection captures the radiant beauty and energy of its namesake. It’s hard not to smile looking at sunflowers, with their ridiculously bright and happy faces. It only makes sense to create a mirror piece that reflects back. Amazing piece for any living or dining room—even bedrooms!  


13) Black Orchid Tablet Stand  

This is the go-to gift for moms who are always in the kitchen and looking for inspiration on their tablets. The Black Orchid Tablet Stand is strikingly simple yet full of the most extreme detail.  


14) Heart Double Dish  

Is your mom in need of a beautiful catch all? The Heart Collection is built around the simple but universal symbol of love, hope, friendship and caring. The shape of the heart creates instant responses in us all and carries a world of meaning that changes according to the intent of both the giver and the recipient. 


15) Gold Heart Frame 

Another piece from the Hear Collection! Capture a beautiful memory of the both of you together with the Gold Heart Frame. “There is an individuality to each object, just as our hearts and expressions of love are different from person to person, from moment to moment” -Michael. 


16) Black Orchid Coffee pot & demitasse set  

 For the coffee loving moms out there, the Black Orchid Coffee pot & demitasse set balances traditional Armenian coffee with the powerful sensuality of orchids. Create warm conversation and morning laughter with mom over coffee.  


17) Palm Candle 

You can't go wrong with candles--The Palm fragrance is evocative of a romantic evening in the Islands. Hidden coves unleash the aromas of coastal palms, native lemons, and green dates. Crushed sea salt fills the air, enhancing faint notes of vetiver and wild cyclamen. 


18) Vine Pitcher 

Another beautiful piece from Michael’s Vine collection, the Vine pitcher is great for large gatherings or intimate dinners. An art piece that is simple yet captivating with every perfectly-imperfect detail.  


19) Pomegranate 3-quart casserole 

The Pomegranate Collection takes its inspiration from one of the most universal and ancient symbols in the world. The fruit has been prized across the globe, across cultures and across time as a representation of life, rebirth, and renewal as well as fertility and union. 


20) Naga Table Lamp  

The Naga Collection is inspired by Michael’s fascination with Nagaland, the remote mountainous state in northeast India. Naturally isolated by its geography, the people of Nagaland exist independent of the rest of India, resulting in a diverse and vibrant culture--Perfect for moms who love décor that tells a story. 


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