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National Orchid Day- The significance of the Orchid to Michael Aram

Posted by Te'a DiNapoli on

April 16th is National Orchid Day. What started as a tradition in South Carolina, by a family who lost their daughter, has now become a national holiday. The couple started their campaign in 2014 and quickly raised the required amount to register the day as a national holiday.  

The Young Family even titled a new species of orchid called "Radiant Faith" in honor of Mother’s Day. Since the years of becoming a recognized day, National Orchid Day has gained extensive recognition from not just florists and orchid growers but also brands.   

Orchids have a big significance to Michael Aram. Our Orchid Collections are inspired by the powerful sensuality of orchids and the rich ambiance of haute couture. “Orchids naturally emit a sense of sensuality and seductiveness, an element of brightness that I associate with new beginnings." -Michael Aram.

National Orchid Day 2022

It only makes sense to celebrate their beauty and the story of National Orchid Day with our audience.  

Although National Orchid Day falls on April 16th  every year, April is also National Orchid Month. You can celebrate the significance of the Orchid and share its story with friends and family with these creative activities:  

Have a botanical garden tea party with friends and family 

Since Orchids are tropical, it only makes sense to incorporate them into your next outside gathering. This is perfect for the Springtime and gives you the opportunity to use different types of orchids in a unique way.  


Create a centerpiece with your family 

National Orchid Day

Although orchids are strong tropical plants, they are more adaptable to inside environments. Orchids have an element of brightness that is perfect for any table setting. This is also a fun way to bond with your family and learn about orchids.


Gift your friends or family an orchid  

Orchids are a beautiful gift that always hold value and meaning. Orchids also live 2-3 months, or more!  


Try some orchid tea 

Ever heard of orchid tea? Well now you have! Orchid Oolong tea brews a lilac flavor that is buttery and smooth with a fresh orchid finish. Orchid tea is also known to have strong health benefits and is still used for medical purposes today.  

National Orchid Day orchid tea

Whatever way you decide to participate in National Orchid Day, make sure to share a picture on social media and tag #MichaelAram and #NationalOrchidDay! We love to see your creations.  

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