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20 Wedding Gifts For Your Best Friend - Michael Aram

20 Wedding Gifts For Your Best Friend

Posted by Te'a DiNapoli on

Personally, shopping for the perfect wedding gifts for your best friend can be stressful. You know the expected gifts that will be left on the back counter near the bar: SMEG toasters, Mr & Mrs coffee mugs, new serving plates, KitchenAid stand mixer. Do not get us wrong, we love a good kitchen appliance. But how about those unexpected gifts, the ones that leave a lasting impression. Gifts for your best friend, the beautiful bride. Maybe you’re the maid of honor, or the childhood best friend from camp days, or a new to be sister-in-law! We even incorporated gifts that both bride and groom will enjoy.  

Here is the Michael Aram list of 20 wedding gifts that your best friend will be jumping over joy for:  


1) Spa Day at a luxe spot 

As much as your Wedding Day is going to be a pivotal moment in your life, it’s also going to be demanding and exhausting. Nothing screams ‘you’re seriously my best friend’ more than the smiles and excitement you’ll see on her face when she receives a long day vacay to the best spa in the city.  


2) Engraved Picture Frame 

This might sound like one of the more cliché gifting ideas but there is nothing more sentimental than capturing a beautiful memory and having an engraved frame to go with it. This is great for framing that iconic pool jump image of the newly Mr. & Mrs., or a pretty frame for your besties work desk to remind them of one of their favorite days.


3) Friendship Bracelets  

This goes back to your camp days and now has travelled back into your adulthood, just with a more boujee touch. Say goodbye to weaved string bracelets and hello to beautiful sterling silver link bracelets. Although...those weaved bracelets are making us nostalgic right now. 


4) Luxe Pajama sets  

You know you’re an adult when you start indulging in the finer things in pajama sets! Not just any pajama sets though, you’ll want to get your best friend some comfortable, luxe Z sets of course. Brands like Sleeper, Skims, and Desmond and Dempsy have some to-die-for sets. You might one to even get yourself a pair!


5) Keepsake Boxes  

Ever watch your friend spend hours looking through her box of jewelry trying to find 1 earring? Well, she is going to be jumping for joy when she discovers her new keepsake box! These are to separate your everyday accessories from costume jewels. Plus, Michael Aram makes them in multiple different collections.  


6) Luxe Throw Blanket  

For the friends who like to splurge on gifting! Most of the time, newlywed couples are looking or just recently moved into a new home. This is such a fun moment in their lives, but it can be expensive, so gifting a luxe throw seems like an essential gift. Stores like Pottery Barn, FarFetch, and Nieman Markus have a broad selection to choose from.  


7) Couples Cooking Class  

Is your bestie a baker or self-proclaimed chef? A fun bonding activity for the new couple would be a cooking class they can take together. Maybe they will find a new love for cooking Italian foods together or learning how to make sushi roles. Companies like Surlatable offer date night picks from Global cuisines, special occasions and more. They will thank you later when you catch them enjoying their new hobby down the road.  


8) Forged Bar Cart 

Some of us don’t have the luxury of having a built-in bar in our basements. But bar carts are where dreams are made of! The Michael Aram Forged Bar Cart offers variations in texture and color are inherent to the handmade process, ensuring that the piece is a beautiful and unique work of art. 


9) Monogrammed travel accessories  

You know the love birds are going off soon on their honeymoon! Usually after the fantasy honeymoons follows the itch to travel even more. So why not get your BFF and her new husband some accessories for their travels! Brands like Mark and Graham craft leather passport cases and luggage tags with colorful monograms for chic getaways.  


10) Custom Skincare Set  

Skincare has taken over the beauty world over the past few years. With all the assorted brands, skin types, and ingredients, it’s hard to find products that truly work for you. Creating a custom line of skincare for your best friend will give her that honeymoon glow even after her vacation is over.   


11) Anemone Wine Rest 

For wine lovers, this is the perfect gift. Indulge in fine wines with a beautiful wine rest to keep your most precious collections on display. This piece is decorated with feminine and deeply alluring anemone, flowers are associated with purity. Very metaphorical for a wedding gift!  


12) His and Hers Cigar Boxes  

Nothing screams wedding day more than cigars. We aren't exactly sure where this tradition has come from but it’s here to stay. Many entrepreneurs on Etsy create custom boxes for celebratory events like weddings. This is a treasure trove of their special day and can be used for years to come. This gift also makes the perfect pairing with the Michael Aram Ripple Effect Double Old Fashion Glasses 


13) Massage Oils  

For the couples who want to get a bit closer—Heated massage oils are for your best friends who enjoy a warming massage. The oils heat as you create friction and can help the oil penetrate the skin and further relax muscles and tissue. 


14) Lovebirds Ornament  

For their first Christmas as a married couple, the Lovebirds Ornament evokes a sense of charm and fantasy with the undeniable signature of Michael's style. Whether it’s a winter wonderland wedding or an intimate summer matrimony, this is a classic gift that will bring sweet tears to your best friend's eyes.  


15) Oil Defuser

In need of some aroma therapy? Oil infusers are fun gift for really anyone! Using oil diffusers can promote circulation, drainage, and elimination, which in turn can help improve the look of skin dimpling as well as dark marks from veins.

16) Candles

Whoever says candles are not a good gift is not smelling the right scents. For your candle obsessed best friends, Michael Aram offers beautiful, potent, marble candles that make them the go-to accessory for any room.  

17) Olive Branch Dipping Board  

For the friend who loves to entertain. The Olive Branch Collection is one of the best known and most loved of Michael's motifs. The simple forms create objects that serve wonderfully as stunning individual gifts. This gorgeous dipping board is crafted of wood with natural brass, stainless steel, and black enamel.  


18) Game Sets 

Any game lovers out there? We love the idea of having a lux game for your coffee tables. This Michael Aram Chess Set is made by the artist. His love of nature and antiques workmanship served as the inspiration to create what he considers a 'medieval floral fantasy' motif - unicorns with petal manes and king protea flowers abstracted to represent the "King".


19) Sound Set 

Not all of us can fall asleep comfortably without noise, or the sound of snoring. Sound sets are a great gifting option for couples as they get acquainted with married life and sleeping next to each other! Dreamegg’s D1 is a sound machine that plays a lot of the same sounds as the D11 portable machine, with a handful more fans and a spectrum of noises. 


20) Palm Accent Table Nickel 

One of our favorite things about Michael’s creations is that they evoke conversation. This beautiful table nickel  is a great piece for a formal living room that you’d like to bring a pop of color into. For your besties who enjoy and admire functional art pieces!  

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