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30 Top Valentines Gifts For Him & Her - Michael Aram

30 Top Valentines Gifts For Him & Her

Posted by Te'a DiNapoli on

There is nothing more joyous than showing your admiration and appreciation for your loved ones—especially on Valentine's Day. With love day just around the corner, we’ve come up with a list of top Valentine’s Day gifts for him & her. These unique treasures can be for anyone: friends, family, or loved ones! From elevated keepsake boxes to an eclectic jewelry selection, here are the Michael Aram gifts for all your valentine's needs.  


1)Heart Frame—Silver 5x7

A classic symbol of love, frame a precious memory with a Michael Aram heart frame. Whether for a loved one or friend, this is the perfect gift to relive a precious moment while sharing your appreciation.


2) Calla Lily Rose Bowl

What is better than flowers on Valentine's Day? A beautiful vase to put them in! A rose is often the biggest symbol of love, and what better way to display this than with a Calla Lily Rose Bowl? (Psst, there isn't). 


3) Enchanted Forrest Heart Pendant Necklace with Diamonds

A truly unique gift that highlights Michael's artisan skills, this pendant necklace is both eye-catching and breathtaking. Made with 18k gold and white diamonds, this gift will surely leave a lasting impression on your loved one. 


4) Butterfly Ginkgo Candle

Who doesn't love a candle? Especially a luxury one that acts as a decor piece throughout your home! This candle has a 60-hour burn time with perfectly combined notes of cedar wood and sparkling grapefruit. 


5) Ivy & Oak Bar Tool Set w Stand

The perfect gift for the cocktail connoisseur in your life. This bar tool set is chic and will make you an expert bartender (if you aren't already). A great addition to a wet bar or bar cart--if you are looking for something male-friendly, this is your sign!


6) Lovebirds Frame—4x6

Ah yes, the love birds. We love the idea of using this frame to hold a keepsake picture from early dating memories. For the ones who like to be more sentimental with Valentine's Day gifting, this is the perfect fit. 


7) Double Heart Dish

This catch-all is the best valentines day gift for the one in your life who likes to keep their everyday jewels organized. Keep this decor piece by your vanity or bedside table for easy access. This catch-all also works as a great gift for desk organization or office decor!


8) Vintage Bloom Bracelet

For the one in your life who likes to make a statement, this timeless bracelet is a  piece that all ages will adore. The designs in this collection bring back feelings of nostalgia and effortless style.


9) Love Knot Wine Stopper & Coaster Set

A piece from one of Michael's newest collections Love Knot, celebrate your unity over a fine bottle of wine and the idea of connectedness to a greater whole. Great gift for a couple in your life, or for a significant other to create memories together.


10) Anemone Frame—5x7

The Anemone flower serves as a reminder to enjoy the moment in order to take in opportunities at the right time--a great Valentine's gifting option for a significant other that maybe just came back into your life or an engagement photo.


11) Sunflower Ring Catch-all

There is nothing more stressful than having to take off your wedding ring, or an important ring, for a brief moment. Michel Aram makes these moments easier (and more beautiful) with an organizational catch-all! For the ones in your life who like to stay organized in style, this is the perfect catch (get it?).


12) White Orchid Toasting Flutes

Does Valentine's Day also hold a significant meaning to your relationship? Maybe an anniversary? Or maybe you enjoy sharing intimate moments or celebrations with a taste of luxury. These toasting flutes will make these moments more special, and a gift you can enjoy together!


13) Butterfly Ginkgo Leaf Drop Earrings w Diamonds

Another jewelry option for Valentine's gifting, the Butterfly Ginkgo jewelry collection is a poetic collection that tells a story of the delicate balance between flora and fauna, with the leaves and twigs of the ginkgo tree metamorphosing into butterflies taking flight.


14) Shagreen Vase—Small

For the one who loves all things glamorous and sparkling, the new Shagreen collection features unique vases that act as decor pieces on their own. The small vase is great for a flower lover who loves to make a statement. 


15) Rock Glasses—Old Fashioned

Presentation is everything and this also goes for cocktails. You simply can't go wrong with gifting a new glass set, especially a high-quality old fashioned for your favorite sips. The result is a bold design that I feel reflects an elegant lifestyle that is edgy, fashionable, and modern.


16) Calla Lily Marble Box

Everything must have a home, so why not make it beautiful? Michael's inspiration behind this collection is the romance of weddings and the flower's symbolic meaning in the ceremonies. The perfect Valentine's gift for newlyweds!


17) Forget Me Not Candle

The Forget-me-not Collection is symbolic of faith and renewal. As the name suggests, the flowers are traditional tokens of memory, conjuring eternal promises of love and fidelity. 


18) Champa Leaf Shadow Box

For the nature lover in your life, look no further than the Champa Leaf Shadow Box. The Champa leaf flower stands for sincerity, faith, devotion, aspiration, and surrender. This gift will remind your significant other of your unity while elevating any space. 


19) White Orchid Frame—4x6

White Orchid is a classic Michael Aram collection with stunning details on every piece. This smaller frame is a top gifting choice since it can be used in many spaces like dorm rooms, offices, side tables, or mantles. 


20) Butterfly Ginkgo Vanity Mirror

We love this vanity mirror for valentines day gifting because it is an everyday staple piece. Whether they love spending time perfecting their skincare routine or trying a new makeup look, they will love their new vanity accessory! 


21) Teddy Frame—Silver 2x3

Valentine's Day is not just for couples, you can celebrate the love and joy you share with other family members too. Remember what your unique connection brought to this world with a framed memory of your bundle of love.


22) Chinese Zodiac Rabbit Box

Another sentimental gift for Valentine's Day! Have a significant other born in the year of the rabbit? Maybe an anniversary? This zodiac box is a fun way to bring a connection from past to present while celebrating your own story within it.  


23) Marble Backgammon Set

The best gifts are ones that you can share, and ones made out of gorgeous firestone marble. This piece is truly unique and creates memories over a game of strategy, skill, and luck.


24) Love Knot Frame—Gold

Love Knot Collection is a true symbol of love, reflecting the unity of two people and an everyday reminder of the strength of togetherness. Whether gifted to someone special or chosen for oneself, this collection embodies coming together into something greater than oneself.


25) Anemone Catch-All

Looking for a unique piece that makes the perfect love day gift for a friend? Look no further than the Anemone Catch-All. Small in size but big in meaning, the flower specifically symbolizes relaxation and serves as a reminder to enjoy the moment.


26) Black Orchid Frame—8x10

One of Michael Aram's most adored collections, Black Orchid is sensual and classic. This collection captures the delicate nature of orchids while also expressing a quality of mystery--The perfect gift for a young couple exploring their new journey together.


27) White Orchid Vase—Small

If bright and light are more to your taste, try opting for a vase from the White Orchid Collection. This small vase is dainty in size and universal in color. Gifting roses this year? Create an eye-catching bouquet with this vase for an elevated presentation. Little details go a long way! 


28) Gooseberry Ring w Diamonds

Diamonds are a girl's best friend, especially on Valentine's Day. Surprise your loved one with an heirloom that expresses the refined sensibilities of the extraordinary women who wear it.


29) Prometheus Sculpture

For the protector in your life, this sculpture is sure to make a statement. Prometheus is characterized as a patron and benefactor. He is considered the champion of all mankind, bringing fire down from Mt. Olympus and teaching humans how to keep it alive. He is symbolic of striving towards knowledge and helping others.


30)  Vintage Bloom Earring

The Vintage Bloom Collection evokes a sentimental interpretation of nature as inspired by Michael's love of old botanical prints. The mixed metals and delicate enamel finishes capturing a sense of nostalgia for the eclectic glamour of the 1940s.

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