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5 Home Décor Trends to Update your Home - Michael Aram

5 Home Décor Trends to Update your Home

Posted by Te'a DiNapoli on

As we get settled into the new year, our attention turns to 2023 home decor trends to rejuvenate our homes. While last year emphasized cozy house interiors and retro spaces that worked double-duty on functionality, this year focuses much more on separating our home and work spaces with 90s-inspired color palettes and 3D features. Curves rule, as do gold home decor pieces that glisten in the light. 

Exciting times are ahead! 


Convivial Living 

The Global Lockdown feels so long ago, but the aftermath is still felt in design circles. Many of us have returned to the office, freeing up space in our homes for entertaining. Our furniture choices are reflective of that.  

Chic occasional pieces like our etched stool that can be easily moved around to support communal drinks and doubles as emergency seating, banquette furniture, and love seats are back in vogue.  


Curves are the new Black 

Remember when everyone was decorating their home with black accents? Well, now everyone is embracing arches and curvaceous shapes to add interest to their unique home decor. As demonstrated by our perfect etched stool earlier, curves are back and they’re everywhere.  

If you’re nervous about trying this trend, try an arch-shaped wall panel for the ideal background for a 3D wall art piece like our pine cone wall art panels 


Add A Touch Of Gold with Ceiling Paint 

Gold home decor is a bold interior choice, and adding gold to your ceiling takes a special kind of bravery, but if done well, adds a beautiful element to any room, like this lotus pendant lamp

Colored ceilings are making a statement this year, with warm terracotta, mink, and other reddy-neutrals paving the way to color success. We think the Faded Terracotta shade from Farrow and Ball’s California Collection is the best ceiling paint to embrace the 90s color trend, and it covers well, too.   


Add Natural Inspiration 

If last year you fully embraced the Boho trend and invested in plants, this year your fervor will pay off! Items inspired by nature (and nature itself) will be big this year, with beachy tones, and flora and fauna all making a welcome appearance. A table eye-catcher like our new Tulip centerpiece for something truly special will add sophistication and pizazz to any dining table decor.   


Update Cabinets with Art Deco Touches 

Gold isn’t just for the walls and ceiling this year. Our hand-crafted  

Gotham Hardware Knob is the perfect way of adding some shimmer to your kitchen or bedroom cabinetry without appearing gauche. The key is to keep the furniture simple – a white credenza or plain black kitchen cabinets will allow the detail of the early 20th-century design to shine through.  


2023 Home Décor Trends for Everyone 

This year promises to be an exciting one for interior design, pulling influences from the early and late 20th century with its art deco style and 90s color palette. Nature is sure to be on-trend again this year, as are earthy tones, sea greens, and blues. If you’re feeling particularly brave, gold is the color of this season, adding light-bending properties to all it touches. 


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