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Winter Wedding Ideas for a Cozy, Festive Fête - Michael Aram

Winter Wedding Ideas for a Cozy, Festive Fête

Posted by Te'a DiNapoli on

Winter Decor for Your Wedding Made Easy 

Winter weddings are extremely underrated, with most couples tying the knot in the warmer seasons. However, besides the weather, there is nothing cozier than a winter wedding. Winter weddings are a great way to create intimate moments with family and friends while hosting in a more unique space from the traditional beach or garden venues. There are some unique ways to stand out from a winter wonderland fête like incorporating warm colors and intricate natural decor. Here are some alternative winter wedding styles to get you thinking. 


Go Rustic This Winter 

A rustic winter wedding is an ideal place to get hitched if you are into woodland beauty. In 2023, you will see a lot of interior design incorporating nature-inspired elements--perfect to include to stay on trend.

Table decor should be kept clean and simple, using natural materials such as cotton, hemp, and linen as table runners weighted down with red Vine Grape Leaf Dish or winter fruits like pomegranates to add warmth to the tablescape. Tea lights are a nice addition to a nighttime wedding setting to play off the snowy and magical atmosphere of winter.  


Opt for All White For Snow Queen Glamor 

While Elsa may have revolutionized the Snow Queen story for a younger audience, nothing quite captivates us like the traditional Hans Andersen fairytale. Boy, did she know how to dress! Our next winter wedding decorations take inspiration from her frost-white hair and equally blanched clothing.  

White decor can add a beautiful effect to a wedding, connoting purity and chastity, as well as symbolizing the season your wedding is set in. But beware of leaving your wedding display looking washed out by opting for layering.

Different white tones should be used together in different materials – Try elevating your tablescape with dinnerware that has different arches and designs that connect to tell a story. You can also pair it with simple yet eye-catching candleholders to add dimension. By using contrasting elements, you ensure that the eye wanders throughout the room and takes in the beautiful scenery.  


Decorating with Antique Charm 

White is synonymous with winter, but so is warming Victorian glamor thanks to the literary works of Charles Dickens, who quite literally created the modern-day depiction of Christmas. Dressing your winter wedding with Dickensian charm isn’t difficult, it just requires a careful eye. Dressing each table with a guest list in luxury frames adds the touch of luxury you are looking for. Team with plump velvets, shimmering satins and silks in gemstone colors, and dark wood serving pieces and you’re halfway there to a dining room Scrooge himself would be proud of.  


Winter Wedding Decor to Be Proud Of 

Whatever winter decor style you choose for your wedding, it should reflect your and your partner’s sense of style. Getting married in the winter opens up many decor possibilities, from cleansing all-white decor to sophisticated antique charm. Yet the most important thing to consider is the season itself. Grab inspiration from important naturalistic changes and features that stand out in winter to make it cozy and enchanting. Most of all, make it unique to your love story. 


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