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Brazilian Actress Gabriela Dias Decorates New Home With Michael Aram - Michael Aram

Brazilian Actress Gabriela Dias Decorates New Home With Michael Aram

Posted by David Lindberg on

Actress, entrepreneur and new mother, Gabriela Dias, best known for her most recent feature film, The Socialite, partners with Michael Aram to decorate her new home in Greenwich.

New York, NY, March 2020—Michael Aram, renowned for his unique, nature-inspired home décor and tabletop accessories, is glad to announce the collaboration with Brazilian actress Gabriela Dias, after the actress moved into a new home in Greenwich. The collaboration kicked off on Valentine’s Day and included decorating a few Valentine’s moments in the new home, as well as the nursery for her newborn baby. 

Gabriela created a stunning Valentine’s setting featuring two Heart Gold Frames and the Heart Dish, a personal favorite from Michael’s collection. For new-baby-boy Brian’s nursery, the acclaimed actress chose the Heart frames and the Bunny cup w/ spoon. Gabriela welcomed baby Brian in January, so styling a beautiful nursery was really the most exciting part of her new home décor project. 

“We are honored to have Gabriela as a partner. It’s truly inspiring when our collectors think of us when they first engage in a new decorating project that is so personal. The Heart Frames and the Heart dish are some of our collectors’ all-time favorite pieces and part of a very meaningful collection to me.” – Michael Aram

The successful actress, filmmaker, author and humanitarian Gabriela Dias is of Brazilian origin with a lifetime of international success. She has worked on television throughout Europe, USA, and South America ranging from participating in several TV shows, and soap operas to appearing in Hollywood productions that allowed her to work with the likes of Antoine Fuqua, Penélope Cruz, Jessica Biel, Alfred Molina, Kaya Scodelario,  among others. Her most recent feature film, The Socialite is currently streaming on all major outlets such as Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, etc. She has also released her first title, Beyond Beauty: A Journey to Success! that is now available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon Kindle, Apple books and GoodReads. Gabriela’s philanthropic work has helped many foundations and communities all over the world. She sits on the board of several non-profits and has also founded her own (Gabriela Dias Foundation) with a mission to support disadvantaged youth through arts and education.

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