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Memorial Day Table Décor Ideas - Michael Aram

Memorial Day Table Décor Ideas

Posted by Te'a DiNapoli on

We know we have officially made it to Summer when Memorial Day is approaching. The bittersweet way we welcome the summer sun, while honoring the U.S. soldiers we’ve lost. Since this holiday is celebrated with patriotic colors, lots of grilling, and gathering with loved ones, having the most elaborate décor is out of the question.  

While incorporating colors of the U.S. flag is the general rule, consider your décor to be more of a metaphorical honoring. This means, you don’t have to quite literally have an American flag on all surfaces. Having accents of red, white, and blue throughout the table setting can minimize the cluttering and busyness.  

For a more contemporary and luxurious approach, here are the Michael Aram Memorial Day table décor ideas.  


1) Add Beachy Pieces 

Memorial Day Weekend often commemorates the beginning of summer and the opening of seasonal beaches or pools throughout the United States. Incorporating ocean collections into your table settings or simple-toned linens, like cream or eggshell, can balance out the vibrancy of traditional Memorial Day colors. Pieces like Ocean Reef Small Bowl in white, Serving Set in red, or Oyster Nut Dish incorporate hints of patriotic colors with a nautical twist.  





2) Silver Should Be a Go-To for Dinnerware 

Most of the time your white plates or utensils go incognito once they are placed on tables. A non-traditional but fun way to experiment with décor for Memorial Day is adding a complimentary color either next to or underneath the dinnerware. The Michael Aram Ivy & Oak Charger is a larger plate used for full course dinners or to dress up events, a great tabletop accessory for Memorial Day parties.  




3) Include Porcelain for a Luxury Feel 

One of the downsides to holiday gatherings is the amount of plastic used. Single-use plastic is extremely toxic for the environment. Not to mention, the amount of money spent on buying these temporary products can be spent on beautiful, non-harmful décor. Porcelain is one of the most environmentally friendly options and can be passed down for generations. The Blue Orchid Dinnerware Set is not only eco-friendly but including porcelain will bring a luxury feel to your tabletop.  




4) Showcase Fun Barware Accessories 

It’s no secret that alcohol is often included in Memorial Day celebrations. There is often a second and third table dedicated to holiday inspired refreshments and elaborate desserts. For a more conservative approach to ice luges, the Ocean Reef Vodka Service bar accessory is a great way to entertain guests in style. This gorgeous extension of the Ocean Reef Collection includes a bottom half for ice, 6 vodka serving holders, and bottle holder. It can also tie into the nautical pieces on your main tabletop.   



However you decide to observe the first holiday of the summer, The Michael Aram team wishes everyone a safe and happy Memorial Day! Make sure to tag us in your tabletop décor content, with your Michael Aram collections, to be featured on our Instagram.  

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