Partner Spotlight: Woofgang Bakery and Grooming | Michael Aram

Partner Spotlight: Woofgang Bakery and Grooming

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Last month for Mom & Pop Business Day, we highlighted just a few of the amazing independent stores that partner with Michael Aram.

Today, we're showcasing the versatility of Michael Aram as a brand and the stores that carry our products.

With a broad selection of luxury home goods, the Michael Aram   Collection includes an assortment of pet products for our fur-family members. We are excited to partner with Woofgang Bakery and Grooming of Fort Lauderdale, a pet boutique and grooming store. 



About Woofgang Bakery: 

Woofgang Bakery is a pet grooming and bakery store. Rick, store owner, first started the company in  2016 when they could not find a pet store that carried healthy and fun items in the area. Today, Woofgang has been voted best pet grooming of 2021 and are a leading specialty retailer of pet food, pet-related supplies, baked treats and pet grooming.



Contact Information: 

Instagram: @woofgangftl

Phone: (954)368-8820

Address: 2394 N Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305

Open 6 days a week, appointments available to book online.



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