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Passover Dinner Must-Haves For Your Tablescape

Posted by Te'a DiNapoli on

The sacred celebration of Passover (Pesach) is upon us. With it comes the important Seder feast, where all the family gathers around the table to eat their meal in honor of the Israelites fleeing Egyptian slavery.

At this joyous and ceremonial time, many choose to decorate their Passover table setting with beautiful adornments. Here are a few suggestions to add merriment to your Passover tablescape.  


Tree Of Life Seder Plate

The Seder plate is the focal point of any Passover dinner celebration, and our  Tree of Life Seder Plate is truly an art piece worthy of attention. Made using stainless steel and nickel plate, it creates a sleek and shiny finish. Adding this to the center of your table is the perfect way to represent the desire for life, and the universal symbol of hope.


Matzah Matzah Plate 

What is more perfect than a matzah plate with a matzah bread pattern on its surface? This delightful silver nickel plate mimics the dot-and-dash pattern of the unleavened bread perfectly while adding a touch of class to your Passover table decor. We provide our Matzah Plate in a pretty bag to ‘hide’ as a tradition for the children present.   


Hostess Gifting  

Passover dinner is a time of union and connection and often involves red wine being served during the ritual meal. It only makes sense to gift the host an Orchid wine rest for the ultimate table item. The elegant composition of finishes creates a perfectly balanced finish, evoking a feeling of subtle luxury.


Tree of Life Kiddush Cup 

Match your Matzah plate with a two-toned kiddush cup from the Palm Collection. Give your kiddush cup the honor it deserves by placing it in the center of your table. Then, create a surround of fruit and nuts of all colors for a classic table decoration idea. When it’s time to recite the prayers and begin your meal, the celebrations can begin! 


Passover Dinner: Remembrance and Revelry 

There are more Passover must-haves for your remembrance seder to make it elevated and evoking. Made from strong, sturdy materials that are aesthetically pleasing, our Judaica range is designed to be admired, yet still remain understated in their glamor. If you are for traditional products to incorporate into Passover, we’ve been careful to keep traditions alive, most notably with our kiddush cup range, that meets the standards expected of these sacred prayer vessels.  

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