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Small Wedding Ideas for Spring - Michael Aram

Small Wedding Ideas for Spring

Posted by Te'a DiNapoli on

Small weddings are some of the most elegant and intimate settings we've been lucky enough to join. There is something magical about them—and being chosen as a guest for one. If you’re organizing a small wedding, the decor should reflect the intimacy of the event. It is about finding the balance between simplicity and eccentricity. So how do you get the balance right? Here are a few ways to create the perfect setting for an intimate wedding. 


Host a Small Dinner In the Garden 

Spring is one of the best seasons for special outdoor gatherings, with freshly blooming flowers that signal new life flourishing and new beginnings. Try opting for a farm-to-table food pairing and aperitif drinks to play off the intimate theme and keep the pressure on your part to a minimum. For the tablescapes, use your surroundings as an inspiration for color and decor to elevate the ambiance. 

We recommend going all-out by displaying infinity wick taper candles under our Butterfly Ginkgo glass domes to bring in a fairy-like feel to the table 


Celebrate Under the Stars 

Some of the most memorial celebrations happen at your home, so why not host a Gatsby-style wedding, but make it intimate! Large, high-peak tole tents are designed to provide elegant curves and impressive peaks while also giving the tent added stability and weather-proofing. 

Pick a small outdoor space that’s big enough for a temporary dance floor and ask your servers to keep the drinks flowing from your Ocean Reef Vodka Service buckets. They’re elegant, sophisticated, and easy to enhance a coastal-themed wedding.  


Be Thoughtful With Welcome Boxes 

You're most likely tight-knit and sentimental if you are having a small wedding. A great way to welcome your guests and thank them for being a part of a big milestone is with a curated gift. Incorporate items that you and your partner love or bring had influence to your wedding's destination.

Opt for using an artful keepsake box as a way for your guests to keep a special piece and make it more sentimental--it's all about the details when it comes to small weddings! 


A Small Wedding for the Ages 

However you celebrate your small wedding, it’s important to consider the setting and the comfort of the guests to make it a success. If outdoors, be sure to make a backup plan for worst-case scenarios (storms!) and keep love, and unique features at its core to make it memorable for all.

Indoor wedding venues allow you the comfort of weatherproofing, but space can look sparse if not properly decorated. For best results, opt for multiple smaller tables with decorative elements to create a sense of communion among guests. 


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