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The Best Gifts for any Aries - Michael Aram

The Best Gifts for any Aries

Posted by Skip Barts on

Early April means it's Aries season!

Are you looking for the perfect gift for Aries? As the first and most fundamental sign of the Zodiac, Aries is known as the ram, a typically independent, assertive personalities, which often means they can be a hard to shop for. 

But never fear, we have some elegant options for the best gift for any Aries in your life. 

When is Aries in 2022?

In 2022 Aquarius season is from March 21 to April 19.

What are typical Aquarius traits?

Aries is a fire sign. Aries is the first fire sign of the zodiac.

Aries are fiercely courageous and spontaneous by nature. The live life with a sense of adventure and the need to constantly explore new territory. 

Aries are bold, and excel at initiating new projects due to their natural high energy and ability to make quick decisions. 

Typical Aries are unafraid of conflict, extremely competitive with an open and direct approach in all social interactions. They can also be impatient and do not like to waste their time or others. 


What are Aries favorite things?

Aries are a passionate people. Ruled by Mars, they are quite competitive. They often light up any room with their larger-than-life presence. Aries love being around other people, and genuinely care for the relationships in their lives. They love making others happy and wear their hearts and emotions on their sleeves. 

What are the best Aries Birthday gifts?

Do you need a gift idea for the Aries in your life? Whether they're a close loved one or casual acquaintance, we have several perfect gifts for any Aries in your life. 

Home Decor for Aries

Looking for the perfect tabletop gift for any Aries? The Michael Aram Aries Keepsake Box is a great choice. 

Gifts for Aries 2022


Handcrafted with marble and antique goldtone, this beautiful keepsake box is the perfect decor accent on your counter, side table or vanity. The lid features a hand-sculpted representation of the Aries symbol for a subtle signal of your sign. 

Aries Jewelry

Need a more intimate gift for an Aries this year? Our Aries Zodiac Pendant with Diamonds is an elegant choice. Featuring white diamonds with 18K gold and sterling silver, this 22mm pendant lets the world know you are a bold, fiery Aries with a sense of style.  

Aries Jewelry

Whatever gift you choose for your favorite Aries, Michael Aram has you covered with personalized engraving, gift wrapping and gifts with purchase on qualifying orders.

Shop the entire Michael Aram collection for all your Zodiac Gifts here. 

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