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The Best Gifts For Gemini in Your Life - Michael Aram

The Best Gifts For Gemini in Your Life

Posted by Te'a DiNapoli on

As May comes to an end, Gemini season rises (get it?). Compared to the low-key and calming energy of Taurus', a Gemini rising is extroverted and full of surprises. 

With vivacious personalities, it's safe to say there is never a dull moment when you are around a gemini! To satisfy their indecisive nature, we've put together a list of the best gifts for your Gemini birthday needs. 

But before we get into our gift guide, lets get to know the traits of this air sign.   

When is Gemini season?

A gemini is born between May 21st-June 20th.

What are typical Gemini traits?


Have you ever noticed the Gemini's in your life love to talk? Since Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, Gemini season tends to be a busy time. Because of this, Gemini has been casted as the 'Chattiest sign of the Zodiac'. 

Playing into their fun and outgoing nature, A Gemini is curious, bold, social, innovate, and active. A Gemini is a loyal partner and friend, but tend to be nosy.     

What are Gemini's favorite things?

Since Gemini is an air sign, they often are unpredictable and lively. Many favorite activities tend to be more daring, high energy, and involve lots of people. You can find a gemini between happy hours, dance floors, or juggling a variety of creative and sporty passions.

Although they have a big personality and are often active, a gemini's intellectual and curious side have them involved in book clubs or mentally stimulating hobbies.

What are the best Gemini Birthday gifts?

Do you need a gift idea for the Gemini(s) in your life? Whether they're a close loved one or casual acquaintance, Michael Aram has several perfect gifts for any Gemini in your life. 

Personality Gifts:

    1. Social Gemini- For the ones who love to gather with friends and entertain, Michael Aram bar accessories make hosting elegant and elevated. 
    2. Intellectual Gemini- Put your loved ones mind to the ultimate test with logic puzzles and games. This 'medieval floral fantasy' chess set is best for the ones who like to be mentally stimulated. 
    3. Creative Gemini- Does your family or friend love to be creative and innovative? Baking is a fun and artistic hobby where your Gemini can put their skills and passions to the test. Help them showcase their talents with cake stands & etageres!
    4. Bold Gemini- For the ones who love to make a statement or be daring, Michael Aram has unique and eye-catching jewelry & atelier that will sure help your gemini loved one make a statement.  


Michael Aram Zodiac Gifts:

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