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The Best Wedding Table Decorations for Summer - Michael Aram

The Best Wedding Table Decorations for Summer

Posted by Te'a DiNapoli on

Weddings are joyful occasions that mark the first step of a couple’s journey together in marriage, and your wedding table decorations should reflect that. After all, it’s the celebration of one of life’s most cherished moments––and it often begins with thoughtful planning.  

Whether you're hosting an intimate gathering or grand soiree, your event should be centered around you and your fiancé's personalities and tastes. Now, while all wedding specifics are important, it can be easy to concentrate your attention on some aspects more than others. Great care should be taken to ensure that even the smallest details don’t go unnoticed — this includes your wedding table decorations

Wedding Table Decor That Inspires

Wedding table decorations emphasize your theme as well as tie all the elements of your ceremony and reception together. Your guests will appreciate how your wedding decor and overall theme tastefully complement each other. Harmonizing your affair can seem intensive, but dressing a table that inspires and enchants without much effort while still incorporating elegant and intricate designs is also possible.  

When choosing your wedding table decor, try to select pieces that have similar qualities and characteristics. The pieces don’t have to completely match. For instance, if gold is part of your color scheme, you can opt for gold-trimmed dinnerware and gold accented vases for your centerpieces from different collections. Mixing pieces with other collections can create a captivating presentation. If you love the idea of using gold but applying it to various wedding decor pieces is too bold for your liking, you can always use it sparingly by picking one gold item for a pop of elegance.   


Lavish Centerpieces

One of the first things your guests will notice at your wedding reception are the centerpieces. Elegant wedding centerpieces enhance your table setting, and the right arrangement will charm your guests and help set the mood. Whether you decide on floral arrangements or a more modern, minimalistic display, this will depend on your theme.

Remember to consider the height of your centerpieces. You don’t want a centerpiece that sits at eye level. If so, your guests won’t be able to carry on conversations, much less see each other. Also, don’t be afraid to embrace colors. Gold is a timeless hue that should not be overlooked. As long as all your colors and textures blend together, you’ll create a mesmerizing effect.

Memorable Place Settings

Taking the time to create an inviting place setting lets your guests know they’re special. Your dinnerware, glassware, and flatware should be a charming ensemble that flatters the rest of the decor–– so fusing design, styles, texture, and colors that play well together will frame a cohesive package. Even the smallest details matter, so don’t underestimate the subtle touch that wedding napkin rings and placeholders can offer to the aesthetic.


Wedding Cake Knife Sets and Champaign Flutes 

Everyone’s eyes are always on the newlywed couple during the cake-cutting ceremony. As such, it makes sense that anything they hold will share the spotlight—cue the wedding cake knife set and champaign flutes. Wedding cake knife sets and champaign flutes not only display beautifully next to the wedding cake, they also make memorable gifts and family heirlooms.

After the I Dos

After the I dos, you are ready to usher a new chapter in your life with your partner and enjoy the event that everyone is eager to attend—your reception. Along with your guests, you can finally relish all the preparation and hard work it took to pull everything together. Are you imagining what that would look like? Wonderful, now off you go with your newfound wedding table decoration ideas! Inspiration awaits.


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