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Michael Aram Butterfly Ginkgo Small Tray
Butterfly Ginkgo Small Tray
Sale price$160.00
Pine Cone Ornament
Pine Cone Ornament
Sale price$70.00
Michael Aram Calla Lily Frame 8x10
Calla Lily Frame
Sale priceFrom $130.00
Michael Aram Snowflake Ornament
Snowflake Ornament
Sale price$75.00
Michael Aram Butterfly Ginkgo Creamer
Butterfly Ginkgo Creamer
Sale price$105.00
Michael Aram Olive Branch Star Ornament
Olive Branch Star Ornament
Sale price$60.00
Michael Aram Pomegranate Seder Plate
Pomegranate Seder Plate
Sale price$175.00
Michael Aram Pomegranate Canister Large
Pomegranate Canister Large
Sale price$145.00
Michael Aram Heart Frame 8x10
Heart Frame
Sale priceFrom $100.00
Michael Aram Cherry Blossom Oval Frame 5x7
Michael Aram Pomegranate Vase
Pomegranate Vase
Sale price$290.00
Michael Aram Butterfly Ginkgo Sugar Caddy
Michael Aram Cherry Blossom Easel Frame
Cherry Blossom Easel Frame
Sale price$175.00
Michael Aram Butterfly Ginkgo Dinnerware
Butterfly Ginkgo Dinnerware
Sale priceFrom $23.00
Michael Aram White Orchid Frame 8x10
White Orchid Frame
Sale priceFrom $60.00
Michael Aram Butterfly Ginkgo Round Trinket Tray
Michael Aram Butterfly Ginkgo Napkin Ring Set
Michael Aram Pomegranate Sugar Pot w/ Spoon
Michael Aram Black Orchid Dinner Napkin Holder
Michael Aram Pomegranate Cocktail Napkin Holder
Michael Aram Black Orchid Ring Catch
Black Orchid Ring Catch
Sale price$75.00
Michael Aram Pomegranate Menorah
Pomegranate Menorah
Sale price$195.00
Michael Aram Butterfly Ginkgo Coaster Set
Butterfly Ginkgo Coaster Set
Sale price$140.00
Michael Aram Snowman Snow Globe Ornament
Snowman Snow Globe Ornament
Sale price$85.00
Michael Aram Animal Frame 5x7
Animal Frame 5x7
Sale price$130.00
Michael Aram White Orchid Vase Small
White Orchid Vase Small
Sale price$140.00
Michael Aram Pomegranate Pastry Stand
Pomegranate Pastry Stand
Sale price$170.00
Michael Aram Anemone Decorative Scented Candle
Anemone Candle
Sale price$75.00
Michael Aram Stork Ornament Pink
Stork Ornament Pink
Sale price$80.00
Michael Aram Pomegranate Serving Tray
Pomegranate Serving Tray
Sale price$310.00
Michael Aram Heart Dish Gold
Heart Dish Gold
Sale price$60.00
Michael Aram Calla Lily Candle
Calla Lily Candle
Sale price$75.00
Michael Aram Black Orchid Vertical Napkin Holder
Michael Aram Butterfly Ginkgo Round Platter
Michael Aram Butterfly Ginkgo Medium Tray
Butterfly Ginkgo Medium Tray
Sale price$205.00
White Orchid Candle
White Orchid Candle
Sale price$75.00
Michael Aram White Orchid Canisters
White Orchid Canisters
Sale priceFrom $85.00
Michael Aram Dogwood Tic Tac Toe
Dogwood Tic Tac Toe
Sale price$205.00
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Michael Aram Black Orchid Porcelain Sugar Pot
Pomegranate Easel Frame
Pomegranate Easel Frame
Sale price$175.00
Michael Aram White Orchid Tissue Box Holder
Michael Aram White Orchid Wedding Cake Knife & Server Set
Michael Aram Black Orchid Frame 8x10
Black Orchid Frame
Sale priceFrom $60.00
Michael Aram Palm Cross Ornament
Palm Cross Ornament
Sale price$70.00
Butterfly Ginkgo Toothbrush Holder
Michael Aram Stork Ornament
Stork Ornament
Sale price$80.00
Michael Aram Reindeer Snow Globe Ornament
Michael Aram Butterfly Ginkgo Cheese Board w/ Knife
Michael Aram Leafy Cross Ornament
Leafy Cross Ornament
Sale price$60.00
Michael Aram White Orchid Mezuzah
White Orchid Mezuzah
Sale price$60.00
Michael Aram

Michael Aram, The Artist

"My work combines the imperfections innate in the handmade process with the perfectly imperfect beauty of nature to create objects that reflect humanity."