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Vine Collection


The Vine Collection takes its inspiration from the imagery that floats around classic storytelling. The shapes are obvious and immediate and, at the same time, impressionistic and lyrical - the way a small child might imagine the scenes in a story he’s being told.



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Michael Aram Vine Candleholders
Vine Candleholders
Sale price$725.00
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Michael Aram Vine Extra Large Cheese Board with Knife
Michael Aram Vine Pitcher
Vine Pitcher
Sale price$235.00
Michael Aram Vine Cheese Knife Set
Vine Cheese Knife Set
Sale price$130.00
Michael Aram Vine Wood Board
Vine Wood Board
Sale price$290.00
Michael Aram Vine Grape Leaf Dish
Vine Grape Leaf Dish
Sale price$80.00
Michael Aram

Michael Aram, The Artist

"My work combines the imperfections innatein the handmade process with the perfectlyimperfect beauty of nature to create objectsthat reflect humanity."